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Woo hoo! HOORAY FOR OUR WONDERFUL AUDIENCE! Our cast (Formal Dress Optional, of Newark, DE) is having an "Audience Appreciation Night" on June 19th, and we've been handing out ballots for the last 3 weeks for people to vote for which cast members they would like to play each Rocky part for the 19th... I was VOTED into Magenta, and I'm thrilled! "They like me, they REALLY like me!"

It's special when you are in a cast where everyone plays multiple roles, and it changes every week... Magenta is and has always been my favorite character, so it rocks to be honored by our audience like that. Without them... we don't have a show.

The rest of Audience Appreciation Night includes free prop bags, door prizes, and our most faithful audience members will be chosen to come up and "re-de-virginize" the CAST MEMBERS... So it should be a really fun night... Plus, it's the rebirth of our cast's "American Gothic" tableau (ie. Mags, Riff, & Columbia are gonna start doing the church scene at the beginning again, beginning with our show on the 19th!)

Anyway, just wanted to say hey and share my glee share with all my fellow Magentaphiles! Anyone in the Philadelphia/Delaware/MD area should try to make it to this one... Should be an AWESOME show...

Luv, Stephanie

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