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my creation!!

Hey all, I have just recently finished creating my very own Pat Quinn website! It's quite cute and kitsch, and you won't learn anything new from it but, I'm really interested in having a big 'Fans' section...theres a few pics there already but I eventually want to make it huge! Anyone who wants pics of themselves as Magenta or Nation or whatever up on the site, feel free to get in contact with me! ( )Also feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions, bearing in mind that I am pretty much a computer idiot :-)
Also - fab news that I am very excited to share... I will be a Transylvanian this Saturday!!! The part of Magenta is very much unavailable (sob) but I am happy to be a Transylvanian. This is my first part in a cast! Perfect excuse to run around a crowded cinema doing the Timewarp...
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i' dlike my picture on the site! i'm not in a cast though, is that okay? (see icon)
Heya, I don't mind whether you're a cast memeber or not, it makes no difference to me :) (I'm not a proper cast member either, not yet anyway!!)
Feel free to email me your picture/s - with your details so I can credit you properly (also a link to your website if you've got one) and I will update the site as soon as I've got a load of stuff together!
Also ~ If anyone wants to give me any advice on how to create those fantastic movie-icon things, please get in touch!
Katy XXX (IM BlondieLovesMe, or NationMcKinley on msn)
That is a great website. I'd be very interested in being included in the fan part. Maybe I'll be wearing my "I Want Patricia Quinn" shirt? Your bio is very indepth, and everything is mucho spiffy. And you're listening to Bowie. What more could go right?! ^_^
Thank yoooooou!! :-) I am so pleased that people are liking the site! Do send me any pics of yourself (although I will be mucho jealous of your I want Patricia Quinn shirt, damn you...LOL)
And patquinnchin, your "you're no good" icon ROCKS... that is my favourite bit of the you mind if I steal your work?? (and credit you, obviously!) How do you make those things? I want some for the site!!
Katy XXX (in sunny London! In April! Who would've thought it possible?!)
Of course I don't mind! I made it using Microsoft Picture it Publishing- my ghetto icon maker. There's other programs like that out there- that are waaay better and spiffier. I used to have a 30 day trial of Jasc Animation Shop. Go to their website and I think you can still download a trial.