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my creation!!

Hey all, I have just recently finished creating my very own Pat Quinn website! It's quite cute and kitsch, and you won't learn anything new from it but, I'm really interested in having a big 'Fans' section...theres a few pics there already but I eventually want to make it huge! Anyone who wants pics of themselves as Magenta or Nation or whatever up on the site, feel free to get in contact with me! ( )Also feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions, bearing in mind that I am pretty much a computer idiot :-)
Also - fab news that I am very excited to share... I will be a Transylvanian this Saturday!!! The part of Magenta is very much unavailable (sob) but I am happy to be a Transylvanian. This is my first part in a cast! Perfect excuse to run around a crowded cinema doing the Timewarp...
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